Exclusive: 18-year old Kris Aquino once conquered Japan

Before Kathryn Bernardo or the other young stars of today succeeded to conquer other countries, Kristina Bernadette (Kria) Cojuangco Aquino was once featured in a Japanese show, and the hosts loved her.

Kris looked to be 18 years old, and has not yet entered the showbiz industry based on the interview wherein she said she hoped to enter showbizness in the country.

“Well, I’d like to enter showbizness, but in the Philippines first. And I recorded my first song about two weeks ago before I left Manila for Japan. But it’s not for sale, it’s just for a television special, it’s not gonna be made into record.”

Kris debuted in Philippine showbiz in 1990, when she was 19.

A young, sweet, innocent but already so well-spoken Kris even promoted the country’s beaches.

“I think the Japanese would like our beaches, especially the ones in Cebu.”

“Yes, of course, we’d like for all of you to come.”

And when asked who she looked like, Kris answered:

“Well, it depends. Some people say I look like my mom, some say I look like my dad, so it depends on the person I guess.”

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