Is Kris starting to forgive Nicko Falcis by withdrawing case in Mandaluyong?

Kris Aquino revealed to the public only this month, that she will leave social media indefinitely, especially Instagram where she is most active, to focus on herself and health. She has even revealed that she is suffering from depression and her trying to put up a happy and strong Kris in public is draining her.

Now, it seemed before her big revelation, Kris has already made a big decision.

On March 23 she filed a Motion to Withdraw her case against former business manager Nicko Falcis in Mandaluyong Court. And the said Court made a Resolution approving the Motion.

With the complaints filed by Kris and her legal team in Pasig, Makati, Taguig dismissed and the one in Mandaluyong withdrawn, there are only 3 more cases left in Manila, San Juan and Quezon City.

Does this mean the other cases will also be withdrawn? Is Kris starting to forgive Nicko? Or is she just planning for a bigger case against him?


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2 Replies to “Is Kris starting to forgive Nicko Falcis by withdrawing case in Mandaluyong?”

  1. Bagay naman kay Kris kahit mag drama pa sya ….hindi sya baduy. I like Kris shes very intelligent, smart, dignified and classy.👌

    1. Kris made the right decision in withdrawing her complaint against Nicko anyway she has almost everything in life and that forgiveness relieves all worries and stress in life. Focus in your health for Josh and Bimb.

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