Kisses chose to protect Donny’s new girl from fandom war instead of pride

Sad it may be as Kisses Delavin announced the official break up of her on-screen partnership with Donny Pangilinan (Donkiss) through a statement, yet it is something to be proud how Kisses set aside her pride and instead released a statement to protect the new loveteam partner of Donny Pangilinan, who is rumored to be Sharlene san Pedro.

Kisses discouraged the plan of her and Donkiss fans to assemble and rally, and fight for Donkiss at the ABS-CBN building as rumors of a new loveteam is to be made official.

Kisses clearly stated she is against any fandom war against the ship of her former loveteam partner. She does not want her and the other girl to be pitted against each other just for a loveteam.

It is notable how Kisses remained classy even when it seemed that she is the one left behind. And how she tried to protect the girl who will take her place in Donny’s life.

Kisses proved to be professional at such a young age. Her wisdom is that of a mature woman. Kisses is one of a kind. Her parents must be so proud. 


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