Kisses Delavin may be the sweetest celebrity you’ll ever meet

Kisses Delavin is like a virus, a happy virus that will affect you in most ways that she can. She has this Little Miss Sunshine persona that brings warmth to everyone that gets near.

Her wide smile is contagious as well as her candid laughter. She has the manners of a well-bred girl. She exudes innocence yet her mind is so full of wisdom, she answers questions like she’s on a beauty pageant stage.

But as Kisses would always say, what and who she is is a product of her parents’ upbringing. She is very much close with her parents, who goes with her wherever work takes her. She is an only child, yet you can never say she is spoiled. Her parents obviously had raised her well. Kisses admittedly, credits her valued from her parents.

If asked about self-doubt, if she ever doubts her talent, her character, Kisses said she has no room for such notion because she grew up feeling constantly affirmed by her parents.

“Kapag buong buhay mo, pinuno ka ng parents mo ng pagmamahal, wala ka nang ikaka-doubt.”, she added.

Her mindset seems almost unique compared to that people of her age. She thinks and says more than her teenage years. Her innocence transcends to her confidence. Her composure is impressive at an age. That is why a lot of people love her and her fanbase continues to strengthen, especially now with her on-screen partnership with loveteam Donny Pangilinan (DonKiss).

In the world full of actress, young and veteran, Kisses’ ambition as a young star is simple, yet so moving:

“My goal as an actress is that whenever people will watch me, they will be inspired to continue living their lives. i want them to realize that they are not alone in their struggles.”

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