Loisa Andalio’s alleged video hits the internet and spread like wildfire!

Loisa Andalio a Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) product and part of high-rated primetime series The General’s Daughter is now the latest victim of an alleged video gone viral.

The woman in the video looked a lot like Loisa but this has not been confirmed. Although the video has imprints: “Loisa’s story”, still things are unclear whether this is real and not edited, or it may be real but could be another woman who looked like Loisa.

The video was taken July of 2018. And it seemed to be a private video being sent to a boyfriend or lover.

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6 Replies to “Loisa Andalio’s alleged video hits the internet and spread like wildfire!”

  1. Its not Loisa. Kasi maliit ang boobs ni lOIsa yung nasa video malaki. Payat si loisa yung nasa video may bilbil

  2. Halatang si loisa. Mataba taba pa si loisa nung 2018. July pa kasi yung video. I think private vid sya. Baka nawala cp nya kaya kinalat ng nakakuha.

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