Nadine’s reaction to James’ ex Ericka Villongco calling her copycat

Nadine’s reaction to Ericka’s interview:


Nadine has no time for such a nonsense issue. She is way too busy to react to such a small, almost non-existent matter. It does not affect her at all. With all the blessing she received, calling her a copycat does not dent nor scratch Nadine’s confidence. It is just a tiny little speck in her big world.

Wednesday, March 13, was when Ericka’s inteview came out in media sites. Nadine at that time has her movie Ulan opening in cinemas. She is busy promoting her movie, and attended special and block screenings.

She also appeared at Its Showtime, did a fantastic prod, and promoted the movie.

She then accompanied and supported James Reid at the launch of his new endorsement of Merrral Ph, an American footwear & apparel company.

And let’s not forget, Nadine’s swimwear collection hit the stores on the same day of her movie premiere! 

Nadine is way too busy, too blessed to react on such a nonsense issue. She has proven a lot in the industry which a lot, not even James’ ex has done yet.

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